Planned features & known bugs

Planned features:

  • Configurable channel specific commands
  • MySQL Support
  • Ability to enable/disable features
  • Ability to customize who can use the built-in commands (currently admins only)
  • Refactor the help menu to:
    • Use a reaction collector instead of the listener event
    • Remove the user ID from the footer to clean it up
    • Add a warning that a display name was not set
    • Not display hidden commands when returning to the first page of the menu
    • Perhaps cache all menu text in an array and access elements of that array
  • Allow numbers to be used in cooldowns but assume they are seconds
  • Per guild per role cooldowns (each guild can configure this via a command)
  • Configurable blacklist and unblacklist command
  • Configurable custom commands
  • Configurable command cooldowns per role per guild
  • Ability to configure the delay between reactions being added in the help menu
  • Sharding support
  • Sub categories
  • Ability to enable/disable an entire category of commands or features
  • Ensure required roles are loaded before any command can be ran
  • Be able to list the permissions the bot needs to run a command and check if the bot has those permissions before running a command and if it doesn't, show an error. If it can't send a message in the server, DM the person sending the command.
  • Built-in command to manage slash commands
    • List all global slash commands
    • Ability to delete a global or guild-specific slash command
  • Ability to cancel the cooldown within a command handler
  • Add complete TypeScript support
  • Mention what roles a user is missing by default (don't tag them)
  • Make the prefix case insensitive
  • Ability to select a default language from any of the supported languages in messages.json

Known bugs:

These are best documented from the community on our Github page: